dearest self

dearest self,

Please love yourself more. When you skip meals and sleep just to finish your deadline, I feel sincerely sad for you. Your work doesn’t deserve your seemingly love and care that you give. When you feel like buying an expensive bag or an expensive shoes, but in the end, you deprive yourself from buying because you thought it is better to save them for any future emergencies, I again remorse from that poor decision you had. You deserve that bag and shoes. Period. You’ve been working too hard day and night not to deserve the little pleasures in life. You’re worth it. Go to the beach more often, and by all means, surf the water! I know that you want them that much. Stop overanalyzing things. Be carefree for once. Go to that water park that you’ve been planning to go 3 years ago but failed after numerous excuses and drawbacks. Stop caring about what people would say. So what if you dine in that expensive restaurant alone? You can afford their meal, anyway, so what’s stopping you? So what if you don’t travel with a loved one? You can manage yourself all too well. Stop giving excuses on why you’re still single. Instead, enjoy the moment. For once, numb yourself from the pressures in life! Loosen up a bit. You only live once, better live it happily. Teach your heart to stop aching. And by all means, learn to forgive yourself. Set yourself free from the burdens of the past. Let not your failures consume you. Nobody could do everything you’ve done in a better way, because you know you’ve devoted all your time and life perfecting unrelentingly your craft!




6 thoughts on “dearest self

  1. While I’m not into shopping as much as you do, I can certainly relate to most of the things you mentioned. Particularly the bit about being carefree.
    Your writing style is interesting and definitely worth reading. I do, however, believe that your post can benefit greatly from paragraphing.

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